The idea

Category: About us

The idea for the came to Jeremy Webb in June 2010 when he first arrived in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia, from New York.  After several weeks in Addis Ababa, Jeremy realised that for anyone wanting to make a difference in this world, it is sometimes difficult to know where to start – but data might be able to help us work out where the biggest needs are in a country or sector – and this could be a good starting point for anyone looking to make a difference.  After putting down some initial ideas regarding the while travelling with his family in Europe and later in India, there was a hiatus in activity until June 2013.

In June 2013, Jeremy decided to make the a reality and embarked on a process of:

  • developing a classification of human and development needs (Classification of Needs document),
  • selecting and processing indicators of need for key sectors, and
  • developing the website and data for download.  

Along the way, friends have joined the effort and helped in this process, including Daniel, Mike, Begizew and Bruk.  Daniel has a background in IT and has been leading the website development and has been essential to the process of making the Good-Guide a reality. 

Mike and Begizew have reviewed the classification of needs and helped in the identification of indicators, and Bruk has kept the team up to date with innovations being made by other non-profit data providers.  In addition, Jeremy and the team have been catching up with close friends and family and getting feedback on ideas, and we are very grateful to all involved so far.