Category: About us

Jeremy Webb

Jeremy is the founder and lead architect for the  Jeremy has an academic background in geology and development studies and over 15 years experience in environmental data, statistics and economics.
This includes groundwater field monitoring, the development of minerals, energy and greenhouse gas emissions accounts for New Zealand, preparing the International Recommendations for Water Statistics for the United Nations Statistical Commission and helping establish the African Climate Policy Centre at the United Nations Economic Commission for Africa.  Jeremy has lived and worked in New Zealand, Australia, Fiji, the United States and Ethiopia and has a keen interest in supporting development and improving peoples’ lives around the globe.

Daniel Alemu

Daniel is the chief website developer and has been involved in the from very early in its development.  Daniel has an IT background and has developed apps including an app for tourism in Ethiopia with innovative on-line and off-line information features.  Daniel has also worked as a contractor to international organisations and businesses in Addis Ababa.

Bruk Tekie

Bruk is the chief of social media and related research for the  As such Bruk focuses not only on the social media aspect but also on performing non-profit sector research for the as well.  A graduate of John Hopkins University, Bruk has an academic and professional background in environmental policy and electrical engineering.  In his free time Bruk can usually be found travelling the world or catching up on the latest social media trends.

Milkias Girma Chaka (Mike)

Mike has a diploma in accounting and has been a great friend to Jeremy and his family, helping them settle into living in Ethiopia.  In addition to this, Mike has provided comments on the classification of needs and the indicators.  Mike has recently married and moved to Germany, but is still in touch with the team.